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The Importance of Delivery During COVID-19

Same day delivery packages from courier driver

When it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, one thing is for certain - e-Commerce and online sales are dominating the retail world. This means that efficient, reliable, and fast delivery has never been more important. In many ways, local stores are still getting attention, but companies that are offering same-day delivery options through their courier service are rising above the status quo. Retailers that are finding ways to adapt to the current state of things due to the effects of COVID-19 are coming out on top. And, those that haven't are quickly falling behind.

While some companies have utilized their staff to help with deliveries with in-house drivers to support their local delivery needs, others are using outside services. Though the food industry may have a plethora of options for their takeout deliveries, the retail world seems to lack these options. And, many restaurants are finding that these third-party delivery solutions are deeply affecting their bottom line. So, where can a retail store find local same-day delivery services if they don't want to hire their own drivers?

Typically, there are local courier services that can help with on-demand pick up and drop off that already handle last-mile deliveries for business and have a fleet of drivers that work with them. They can perform your deliveries and charge you on a per-order basis. OneVim goes beyond the typical local courier service and offers the ability to integrate with the retailer's e-Commerce ordering system to seamlessly provide same-day and even same-hour delivery for every customer shopping online. Contact OneVim to learn more about our solution for your business during COVID-19.

Same day delivery to healthcare workers

Not only is delivery becoming a necessity for retail and e-Commerce businesses during the coronavirus pandemic, but it's becoming an important solution for personal items, as well. What do you do if you want to send a gift to your family member that lives on the other side of town, but you don't want to risk giving them the virus? What if you want to send something to your local hospital for the healthcare workers that work overtime to serve the community during this hard time?

If you don't own a business and want to make contactless same-day deliveries to your loved ones or to support essential workers in the area, you can use the OneVim app, too! With the recommendation of social distancing to avoid contact with COVID-19, OneVim's delivery solution will become the new normal when you need to send items to other people in the area. Download the app now for iOS or Android to stay safe and get those same day deliveries that you need at your fingertips.

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