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The Story of a OneVim Customer

We want to take you on a journey through the story of a happy customer that used OneVim for a delivery they needed. Thanks to our app, Derek went from a stressful scenario to ultimate satisfaction while staying safe at his home and avoiding contact with COVID-19.

It begins with Derek walking out to his car to find a flat tire. Derek knows just how to fix it - he’s done it many times before. All he needs is a tire repair kit. Stress starts weighing on him as he realizes that he can’t get his repair kit without a way to go to the auto parts store. Not only is it impossible for him to drive there because of his flat tire, but he’s also been encouraged by his doctor to avoid leaving his home due to health risks from COVID-19.

He goes to the website of his neighborhood auto shop in Northern Virginia to see if they offer on-demand delivery. He finds the kit that he needs and that he can place an on-demand curbside pickup order at the store, and it will be ready for him within the next 30 minutes. However, if he wants it delivered, it will take up to 2 days to be shipped to him, even though the tire repair kit is in the store right in his neighborhood.

He decides to try Google for an answer. He enters: “auto repair same hour delivery.” OneVim shows up on the list. He clicks on the link to the website. From there, all it takes is a click on his device's app store for a quick, free download of the app. He opens the app and sets up an account within minutes, discovering it's user-friendly interface.

Derek finds that OneVim is the perfect solution to his problem: he can simply place a curbside order at that auto repair shop, then schedule a OneVim driver to pick it up for him and drop it off at his house.

Now Derek can get back to work on his tire without having to leave his driveway and go to the auto repair store. He’ll be back on the road in less than an hour.

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