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Safe Halloween Party Ideas During COVID-19

We all anticipate the uniqueness of holidays in 2020, and Halloween is no exception. If you’re preparing your plans for the end of the month, make sure to continue to stay safe and follow social distancing guidelines. There are some ways to enjoy this spooky time with friends and family, despite COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic. Are you always the host for a cool scary event this time of year? There are still things you can try to deliver on that expectation. Here are some clever tips for Halloween parties and activities to enjoy.

Virtual Costume Party

Hosting a virtual party is a no-brainer this year. Using an online video chatting software like Zoom or Skype, you can invite all of your friends and family to join, so everyone can share their cool Halloween costumes. Not to mention, it gives you a reason to dress up while staying home without worrying about exposure to COVID-19.

You could try some unique party themes, giving everyone a heads-up so they can plan their costume accordingly. Based on the theme, you could plan some games to play with everyone over the chat. There are plenty of awesome virtual game ideas on the internet, so I suggest taking a look at them when you start planning. From spell casting to monster hunting, there are some fun and creative things to try at your Zoom Halloween costume party.

Pumpkin Carving & Decorating

Carving pumpkins is an iconic activity for this time of year, and there are safe ways to continue that tradition in 2020 as well. The CDC has a page with recommendations about holiday gatherings during COVID-19 and the risks associated. However, they say that with proper precautions and procedures in place, you can still enjoy activities in small groups outdoors with minimal risk. You can check the page to read more about how to strategize your small group gathering.

So, having a small group of friends and family get together outdoors to carve pumpkins can be a safe activity for celebrating this spooky holiday during the coronavirus pandemic. You could make it fun by having a competition with a dedicated judge for which carve looks the most spooky. You could support your local businesses by ordering a food delivery from your favorite restaurant for everyone to share.

Halloween Sweets

Bake some cool Halloween treats. Use a local courier to deliver them to your friends and family across the city. If you’re in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia area, download the OneVim app and we’ll take care of that for you. We follow coronavirus guidelines and can make safe contactless deliveries to anyone you want to bless with your delicious Halloween goodies.

After you’ve sent them to your friends and family, jump on a virtual call and enjoy them together. Send a unique riddle with each treat and make them solve it on the video chat before they can enjoy the food. You provided the treat for them, but not without a little trick first.

We continue to find more and more ways that delivery can be useful during the pandemic, and holidays are going to prove them even more important. Whether you're sending something to a loved one across town, setting up local delivery for your business, or just need someone to pick up your items from a store, OneVim is your solution.

Small Group Outdoor Parties

Again, according to the CDC, there are safe ways to have small group gatherings and parties with friends and family outdoors. Though they don’t mention a maximum number, other officials say that you should not go over 12 people, and of course, it would be pertinent to have a checklist in place for symptom screening and contact tracing, just in case.

Even though the group may be smaller than your typical Halloween party celebrations, going all-out on decorations this year is important to support local businesses that may be hurting from the economic impact of COVID-19 and to make the party that much more lively - or in this case, deadly.

If you live in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia area, you’ll find plenty of cool party stores that have the perfect decorations for this occasion. Don’t forget that you can use the OneVim app to get your decorations delivered to you from anywhere!

Drive-Through Halloween Events

If you don't want to host your party, you can always look up some events that are still happening during the coronavirus pandemic that you can attend safely with friends. There are spooky drive-in movies that you can visit on date-nights or with the whole family, sharing a special time from the comfort of your car.

There are also scary haunted houses and events that you can attend safely. You can find the nearest drive-in haunt in the DMV area here and follow the links to buy tickets. Additionally, the iconic Boo at the Zoo has been turned into a drive-thru experience this year.

Forgot Your Candy?

What's the most important piece of celebrating Halloween for both children and adults? Candy! Buying candy is just as significant this year as ever to keep that Halloween spirit flowing throughout the season. You might be surprised to hear that candy sales are actually up, and it's becoming a part of the quarantine experience - and so is brushing teeth.

If you need that last minute candy buy, we're here to pick up your order from the store and deliver it quickly. The OneVim app is just one click away!

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