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On-Demand Retail in 2020

The Retail Industry is being re-imagined and transformed through some of the biggest changes it’s had in a long time. From curbside pickup and the growing influence of online shopping to unprecedented digital marketing tactics, the retail world has been shaken and molded. One change that seems to be here to stay is the new on-demand nature of online shopping and e-commerce.

What is On-Demand Retail?

On-demand retail has always meant shopping and checking out in the physical stores to get your products right when you need them. COVID-19 has made that increasingly difficult with shutdowns and social distancing measures, so online shopping has become another form of an on-demand channel for retailers. Since the convenience of an in-store shopping model is no longer a capability to the extent that it always has been, new methods of convenience have been arising in the online shopping side of retail.

Being in the retail business in 2020 means learning how to change and pivot. But on-demand e-commerce has definitely been the growing focus in the industry. Convenience has always been an expectation for customers, but its significance is outlined this year more than ever. In a Delloite analysis of retail trends, they say, “what many people are looking for is something that simplifies life while delivering a positive experience. People want to ‘outsource’ the work of getting products. Instead of focusing on the act of purchasing products, they want to focus on the act of using them. That’s what appears to really matter.”

The essence of this idea of a simple means of shopping for retail customers is the reason for the ever-expanding omnichannel retail. On-demand retail fits into this equation by providing another path for customers to receive their items delivered to them in a convenient and fast manner.

Growth in 2020

With changes comes investment, and with investment comes growth. Business owners and retailers have to be willing to invest in their new growth strategy for 2020 and on. Though the economy has slowed down, there are ways for the industry to adapt with the proper investment in e-commerce and on-demand solutions.

It's a new territory, and those that think through these crucial decisions soon will be ready for the rest of the year and beyond. With convenience being the focus of contemporary retail, each company needs to revolve its operations around it. For retailers that want to see growth, meeting the demand for this model is important. "Because there are so many moving parts involved, enabling convenience touches almost every part of a retail organization. To meet these challenges, convenience should be built into the fabric of the entire organization," says Delloite.

A Step Above Delivery Service

As this new form of shopping takes the stage of the retail industry, your business needs to adapt with an efficient way to deliver to your customers. OneVim provides a solution by integrating with your online ordering channels and automatically sending a OneVim driver to pick up and deliver the product from your store to the customer. We go beyond the typical courier service and make the process automated for our retail partners. It gives customers the chance to select an immediate delivery from the shelves of your store to give them the same instant satisfaction that they would have gotten by physically coming in themselves. This is the future of retail after the effects of COVID-19 in 2020.

OneVim is also a downloadable app for iOS and Android that anyone can use as their personal delivery, service or just to simply send a driver to pick up your order from the store and deliver it.

If you’re a retailer and haven’t set up a partnership with us yet, but still need to get a last minute on-demand order to a customer, you can still download the OneVim app and schedule that delivery as soon as you need it, or you can even encourage your customers to do the same. But we’re here to answer any questions, so please feel free to reach out. We’d love to bring you on board!

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