On-Demand Auto Parts Delivery

Auto parts distributors and retailers need help making day-to-day deliveries of their car parts to both mechanic business partners and consumers. Whether you’re managing a staffed fleet in-house, or hiring an out-sourced courier, you’re probably wasting time and money with this logistical headache.

How can distributors and retailers in the automotive industry keep up with the demand of fast, immediate service on both the consumer and business side? What are some ways to relieve the stress of last mile logistics in your supply chain? If you partner with us, we can solve this problem for you by handling it completely on our end.


Auto parts distributors have to get their auto parts delivered to their mechanic shop business partners quickly and efficiently. Mechanics at these car shops have work to do for their clients to fix cars, and they need fast, on-demand delivery of their necessary parts. This on-demand level of speed is difficult to manage without help from new innovations in logistics. Not to mention, if you’re managing your own fleet, you’re spending unnecessary costs on your staff during down-time.

This same problem arises for retailers with parts shops that are looking to offer local delivery to their DIY customers. Hiring a staff of delivery drivers will ultimately affect your bottom line, costing too much for their salary during downtime. But, getting the auto parts to the customer when they need them is becoming their demand. Customers don’t want to leave their home during the pandemic to pick up their items, so they resort to ordering on Amazon. Additionally, some customers that are working on their car at home may not have the capability to go to the shop, since their car needs repairs.

It’s critical for leaders in the auto repair and car parts industries to formulate a response to this demand from both their DIY consumers and business partners. Adapting to these needs of the buyer is principal in all industries in 2020, and automotive is no exception to that.


For auto parts distributors and retailers, offering fast, local delivery is the only way to keep up with both with the DIY customers' demand and the repair shop partners' pressure for immediate service for their clients. Finding a way to shift operations to a local delivery model makes instant delivery to the consumer possible and helps achieve the fastest transport of auto parts to mechanic partners so they can get their job done for their client swiftly and efficiently.

OneVim has an app that makes it easy for your business to schedule the pickup and drop off of any item. Our drivers are immediately notified to accept your orders, and they perform the delivery fast and reliably. The OneVim app is the perfect fit for solving the delivery problem for auto parts retailers and distributors, because it’s seamless and efficient.

If you’re in the Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia area, all you have to do is download the app, and you can start placing orders whenever you need them. We will work with you to introduce specific drivers to handle your deliveries, so you can easily contact and communicate with them when you need. Check out the app now, or contact us if you have any questions!