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Holiday Shopping Starts Early in 2020

This year, we can’t just blame commercialism for the holiday shopping season beginning in October. COVID-19 thrusts us into a whole new area of the unknown: the holidays during a pandemic. It definitely seems like too early to be talking about it, but there are some genuine reasons that retailers and consumers are preparing for early shopping and changing their typical traditions and routines this year.

Shipping Delays

There are some pretty alarming predictions for shipping delays that retailers and e-commerce sellers should be aware of. They will deeply affect sales around Christmas this year and are largely the reason that shopping is starting so early. In fact, AP News says, “delivery company DHL is advising retailers to avoid holding big sales in December, since delivery could be delayed, said Kraig Foreman, the company’s president of e-commerce in North America, who works with nearly 30 retail chains.”

Last-minute shopping is typically a huge market - especially for e-commerce sellers - because it gives consumers the perfect chance to just quickly order their item and get it delivered in time for December 25th. So, hearing this quote from the head of e-Commerce at one of the largest logistics and shipping companies is nothing short of worrisome.

To avoid these delays, retailers should encourage customers to do their online shopping as early as possible. However, there is a smart workaround that is perfect for capitalizing on the last-minute market: local delivery.

You can offer your products to your local customers for instant, on-demand delivery from your website by partnering with a courier like OneVim to handle deliveries for you in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. It’s just like the in-store and curbside pickup model, but allows your customers to stay at home, while a OneVim driver picks up their items for them. With this on-demand level of local delivery, customers can get their products sent to them way faster than a shipment, and they don’t have to worry about the distressing holiday shopping delays.

Consumers can also use the OneVim app to get their items picked up from any store, regardless of whether or not they offer local delivery. All it takes is just downloading the app and entering the pickup and drop-off locations to schedule it.

Lower In-Store Sales

Even with the early shopping experience, many customers will avoid in-store shopping much more than they typically do, if not all together. Retailers have to find a way to juggle their reach for those customers with appropriate and reasonable delivery times. Shipping and logistics companies warning against wait times for deliveries means retailers and e-commerce sellers need to start looking for alternatives to cross the boundaries of typical fulfillment and develop unique strategies for 2020.

With lower traffic in the stores, retailers will be able to cut down on hours and focus their efficiency in getting their products to their customers, rather than waiting for them to come to the product. Local delivery is the perfect solution for this problem. It disrupts the ways we typically think of retail fulfillment, offering quick and easy delivery on the same scale as the restaurant and food industry.

If you don’t want to shop in the stores this year and are looking for a way to stay safe and get your holiday necessities from home, you should still look for ways to support your local businesses. You could order a buy-online-pickup-in-store order and swing by the store for your products, or you could download the OneVim app and send a driver to pick it up for you and deliver it to your doorstep.

Early Shoppers Means Early Deals

To encourage customers to shop early this year and avoid delays, retailers will be releasing their holiday deals early. Deal shopping will be a critical part of holiday shopping in 2020 because of the effects of the pandemic on the economy. If you keep your eyes peeled and start looking now, you'll be among the first group of customers to take advantage of discounts and savings for this year.

You should be on the lookout for Black Friday deals online as well, since it's going to look a lot different this year, too. Online shopping on Black Friday will feel like the last-minute shopping of 2020, since it will likely be followed up by the devastating shipping delays.


Holiday traditions will be completely different this year - not only in shopping. We will all be juggling techniques to fit our old traditions into the new normal with starting new traditions that will work during COVID-19. One thing is important to remember - we're all in this together and are constantly finding the new groves and wading through the unexpected collectively.

When you think about the holidays coming up, keep an open mind and look for the best ways to make things work for you and your loved ones.

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