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Electronics Delivery: Tech Shopping in 2020

New technology innovations are not slowing down in 2020, despite the global pandemic. Electronics are still hot in the market right now. From the latest smartphones to gaming consoles, keeping up with new tech is still as important as before, and there are some impressive releases coming this year. The only thing different in 2020 that makes it difficult for you to get these items when you need them is social distancing when shopping in the stores. This is where a connection between your online shopping and OneVim’s delivery app saves the day. You can order your items from stores online for pickup, then simply schedule a OneVim driver to pickup and deliver that item in the same hour. Here are some new electronics you can look for in 2020:


The iPhone 12 should be coming out in September, although we don't have much of an update on this so far. There's a lot of talk on the internet about the leaks and what to expect, but one thing is for certain - there may be lower inventory of these at the release due to shorter factory capacity, so you'll want to be the first one to order!

The Samsung Z Galaxy Fold 2 has stirred up a lot of enthusiasm with its fascinating folded screen design since it's initial leaks. We don't have much info on it yet, but we're supposed to get more details about this new electronic innovation at the beginning of September this year. Samsung is also coming out with the Galaxy Note 20 this year and has already opened pre-orders. Don't want to deal with the hassle of pre-ordering? Let OneVim pick one up and deliver it for you when they come to stores.

The Google Pixel 4a comes out later in August. The reviews are in, and it's perfect for someone looking for an inexpensive smartphone from a worthy brand with a good camera and quality software. Compared to other phones going for over $1,000, this is a great option. It's listed at just $349! With this coming out later this month, let OneVim deliver it to you when it arrives in the stores, so you don't even have to leave your house. With our same-hour delivery solution, you'll receive it minutes after placing your order.


The Playstation 5 is set to come out in November, just in time for Christmas, finishing off 2020 with a bang. There is talk about the price being higher than typical for the PS consoles, but it brings a lot to the table as far as value. There will be exciting exclusive games to top off your purchase!

That leads me to the new Xbox Series X, which will be coming out around the same time this year. Both companies seem to be competing on their pricing model, and are waiting to release more information on that. As far as hardware is concerned, this console is going to be a powerhouse. It comes with an eight-core AMD Zen 2 with 3.8 GHz, 16GB of VRAM memory, and an impressive AMD GPU. These specs are hard to beat, and we think it'll stack up well against the PS5 release.


OneVim delivers things of all sizes, including massive, high-quality TVs! We have an option for a van or truck if it doesn't fit into a sedan. We're excited about some unique TVs releasing in 2020 like LG's roll-up TV that is supposed to come out before the end of the year and could have a price tag of $60,000! Look at this thing. Could this be the future of TVs?

The rotating TV called the Samsung Sero has already released in the UK, and should be releasing in the US soon, as well. It's impressive mobile-friendly style makes it perfect for scrolling through social media and watching videos on Instagram or TikTok.

It seems the new trends in technology aren't slowing down at all this year. We're still seeing some impressive innovation and an increasing level of excitement on the consumer side. Lots of retail companies have made some cool pivots from COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic, but the electronics industry hasn't yet been forced to make those pivots. We can't wait for these new electronics to launch, so we can start delivering these items as soon as they hit the stores!

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