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3 Ways Local Delivery Can Boost E-Commerce Sales

Local delivery is the next step for your e-Commerce business to safely reach the customers in your neighborhood with fast, on-demand delivery. Quick, same-day delivery is an expectation of consumers in 2020, since convenience has become more difficult to achieve. Utilizing a reliable local courier partner to handle this for your business is critical for increasing sales during this time. Here are some ways that it may be the the answer to your business' pains.


Offering local delivery gives you reach for the customers that are in your area that don’t want to leave their home. You can send your products directly to their doorstep at instant speed, thrusting your business ahead of the rest of the competition in the e-Commerce world. It helps you acquire the customers that would prefer to stay home but still demand the same convenience of shopping in-store.

You can target your digital marketing to your area and the orders will start pouring in, stretching your online store right to your customers’ doorsteps. All you’ll need is a reliable delivery partner in your area that can handle orders at an on-demand capacity to your customers’ addresses. You’ll also want a courier that is committed to customer service, as it will be the front face of your company at the fulfillment of orders.

OneVim is an app serving the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia area with on-demand delivery. With a solution for both businesses and consumers, we offer same-hour delivery of anything from point A to point B for anyone. Our business partners simply use the app to schedule their on-demand delivery orders to their customers. We’re a perfect option if you’re considering this solution for your e-Commerce business in the DMV area.


Convenience looks a lot different right now, and it has taken the shape of ordering local delivery. You must offer something to your customers that they can receive at the same convenience that they were used to before the changes in 2020 due to COVID-19. Offering this convenience through local delivery exceeds their new expectations and opens the door for a new level of customer service and loyalty that shoppers look for in their online brands.

Getting orders seamlessly fulfilled is the key to customer satisfaction in the retail and e-Commerce industry. The desire and need for convenience will always be at the front of every retail customer’s mind when they’re shopping, since that has been a model that has shaped the industry for many years. Meeting that demand for convenience means offering the fastest fulfillment possible through local delivery.


It allows your business to compete with e-Commerce giants like Amazon that offer their products to their customers cheap and fast. If you give your customers the chance to get their items instantly from ordering on your platform, they will choose you over other online retailers. Online shopping is absolutely dominating the industry right now, and keeping up with the competition by offering your products as fast as possible to your customers is the only way to increase sales and take advantage of its prominence.

Even though shopping in-store is more difficult and looks a lot different now, consumers still have a desire to support local businesses when they can. If you give them the chance to choose you over other big online sellers that send from a far-away warehouse and get their order at a faster, more-convenient speed, they will order from you every time.

Our mission at OneVim is to help retail and e-Commerce businesses keep their stores or locations open and to encourage consumers to reinvest their online shopping dollars back into the local community. Even though it seems harder to support, the local market is so important right now. And, the only way to keep it moving is to adapt to the changes, offer your products online, and give your customers convenient, on-demand local delivery.

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