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On-demand package deliveries for companies and businesses.

Book and track your deliveries, all in one App.

Download app for iOS and Android.

With our Same-Hour Delivery service solution for businesses and companies, you can easily manage, control, report and set payments for all your on-demand delivery needs.

Deliveries Made Easy

Manage single or multiple concurrent deliveries

Hassle Free Usage

Simplified booking, payment, reporting and tracking

Convenience and Ease

Leverage the region's widest delivery fleet

Peace of Mind

Highest standards of safety, with all deliveries automatically insured.

Delivery solutions that suit your needs





Maximum Weight:

Below 10 pounds per package

Our quickest and most cost efficient delivery solution.

For when your company needs to courier urgent documents, samples and small products.

Maximum Weight:

Below 30 pounds per package

For when your company needs to send multiple packages and larger items.

Maximum Weight:

Below 40 pounds per package

For when your company needs to send multiple packages and larger items.

Today's Customers Want It Now

Want to give your customers the immediate gratification of same-hour delivery but don’t want the cost or hassle of managing your own delivery fleet? Partner with OneVim!

Why OneVim for Business?

+100 miles

By fulfilling deliveries as far as +100 miles from your location.

New Local Customers

OneVim enables your business to reach a broader customer base.

100% net profit

Make 100% net profit on sales. OneVim only acquires the delivery fees. With none of the overhead costs you can focus on business—we'll do the rest.

Catered to your needs

Whether you need to deliver your items quickly and affordably or send items to multiple recipients in one

go - we've got it all.

Made for All Businesses—Big and Small

Seamlessly integrate on-demand, same-hour delivery options to your site or app.

How OneVim App Booking Works

Book a delivery

Download ONEVIM App

Give your items to our driver


your items

Enjoy a reliable delivery service

Frequently Asked Questions

What is OneVim?

OneVim App is a one-stop business portal for e-commerce sellers, small & medium-sized businesses and corporates. You will be able to create bulk deliveries, download reports and give access to your employees to create bookings using the same account.

Can I get a receipt for my delivery booking using OneVim App?

Yes, absolutely.

How do I get started with OneVim App?

It’s very easy! Follow these simple steps to get you started with OneVim App:

1. Download ONEVIM App

2. Sign up
3. Verify your phone number
4. Log into the OneVim App and book your delivery

Can I book in bulk using the OneVim App?

Yes, absolutely. We’ve simplified the process so you can focus more on growing your business
rather than worrying about managing orders.

What are the available payment methods for OneVim App?

By credit card or debit card

Start Earning Today

Be your own boss!

OneVim helps you earn extra income easily.


Want to get involved? If you have comments or questions, please let us know. Your feedback is important.

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