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Why OneVim for Your Business?

Meet the Demand

Over 50% of American consumers prioritize convenience over price when shopping. Start using OneVim and see why same-hour delivery is quickly becoming the expectation for your customers.

Explore Our Solution

OneVim meets the demand for faster delivery by offering a same-hour solution for your business, and getting your products to your customer when they need them. It's what they expect.

Stay Ahead of Competition

Already offering delivery?

See how OneVim can help you expand and grow your business. Join others who are already saving thousands of dollars per month in time, assets and manpower.

Customers Want It Right Now

Easily expand you delivery fleet and give your customers a taste of same-hour delivery.




and most cost-efficient.


Food, Small Electronics, Documents, and Clothing.



If resilience is what you are after.


Large Appliances, Sport Equipment, Multiple Packages.



Heavy-duty delivery solution on wheels.


TVs, Furniture, Antiques, Bakery Racks, Moving Purposes.

Made for All Businesses—Big and Small

Seamlessly integrate on-demand, same-hour delivery options to your site or app.

How OneVim App Booking Works

Book a delivery

Download ONEVIM App

Give your items to our driver


your items

Enjoy a reliable delivery service

Frequently Asked Questions

What is OneVim?

OneVim App is a one-stop business portal for e-commerce sellers, small & medium-sized businesses and corporates. You will be able to create bulk deliveries, download reports and give access to your employees to create bookings using the same account.

Can I get a receipt for my delivery booking using OneVim App?

Yes, absolutely.

How do I get started with OneVim App?

It’s very easy! Follow these simple steps to get you started with OneVim App:

1. Download ONEVIM App

2. Sign up
3. Verify your phone number
4. Log into the OneVim App and book your delivery

Can I book in bulk using the OneVim App?

Yes, absolutely. We’ve simplified the process so you can focus more on growing your business
rather than worrying about managing orders.

What are the available payment methods for OneVim App?

By credit card or debit card

Start Earning Today

Be your own boss!

OneVim helps you earn extra income easily.


Want to get involved? If you have comments or questions, please let us know. Your feedback is important.

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